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Pedestrian Accidents 

According to Governors Highway Safety Association, United States Pedestrian fatalities reached a 40 year high, with 7,485 people killed while on foot.  In Alabama, pedestrian accident fatalities increased 24% from 2020 to 2021, with 126 fatalities. In Georgia, pedestrian accident fatalities increased 23% from 2020 to 201, with 348 fatalities. (source) In 2021, Alabama Law Enforcement investigated 769 pedestrian accidents involving motor vehicles. 

Unfortunately these pedestrian accidents happen regardless of the general caution taken by most pedestrians and result in debilitating, permanent injuries. 

Pedestrian accidents can have a significant impact beyond serious personal injuries and often affect the financial wellbeing of the victim through lost wages, inability to pay household bills, and even funeral expenses. While monetary recovery can never repair the lasting damage done to the victim, it can at least ease the burdens created when a pedestrian is injured through negligence on behalf of the vehicle operator.

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Pedestrian Accident Injury Cases In Alabama

Unlike traditional car accidents, insurance companies have specific procedures for handling pedestrian injury cases. It is extremely crucial to have an experienced personal injury attorney handle the insurance company on your behalf as these companies frequently limit the recovery to the lowest compensation possible. 

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