If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI in Auburn, Opelika or Lee County Alabama, contact our team of experienced attorneys and staff today!

Driving Under The Influence in Auburn & Opelika

DUI charges can have a lasting impact on your life if convicted. Our team of experienced DUI attorneys are dedicated to defending cases across East Alabama. If you or someone you love have been arrested and accused of DUI in Auburn or Opelika, you need an experienced, knowledgeable, local attorney to provide you with honest legal advice for winning your case.  

Harsh Penalties for DUI in Alabama 

Penalties for DUI (alcohol or drug related) in Alabama can be harsh – involving fines, incarceration, and more. If you’ve recently been arrested for DUI – it is imperative that you contact an experienced DUI lawyer immediately. Your legal attorney can answer your questions, verify the information of your case, and provide a strategic plan to fight your charges.

DUI Testing 

Questions about chemical testing for DUI – including breathalyzer tests, blood tests, or urine tests? Our skilled DUI attorneys have answers to those questions – as well as what will happen if you refuse the breath test. 

Types of DUI Cases We Handle: 

  • DUI First Offense
  • DUI Multiple Offense
  • DUI Misdemeanor
  • DUI Felony
  • DUI Underage
  • DUI Accidents

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