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Railroad/Train Accidents 

According to the Federal Railroad Administration 8,042 railroad collisions occurred in 2021, with Alabama having 199 of those collisions and 21 fatalities.  Currently the state of Alabama has approximately 3,500 miles of railroad track with over 6,500 total railroad crossings. Because mass transit is practically non-existent in Alabama, most residents rely on operating a motor vehicle to travel. This means that statistically, Alabama residents are more at risk of being involved in a railroad accident when compared to other states. 

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What Causes Railroad Accidents

Given Alabama’s growing heavy reliance on automotive transportation, drivers simply aren’t always thinking about trains during their commutes. Not to mention mistakes and malfunctions by the railroad companies at railroad crossings. Here are a few common causes of railroad accidents:

  • Improper/No Warning Signals Installed
  • Defective Warning Signals
  • Train Failure to signal 
  • Train Operator Error
  • Improper line of sight for vehicles and pedestrians 
  • Track defects 

Railroad/Train Accident Cases 

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