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Common Mistakes Made After an 18-Wheeler Accident

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The aftermath of an 18-wheeler accident can feel like a blur. In the moments following, it can be hard to understand what is happening and know what you need to do. Staying calm and collected is important in order to get the best outcome in the end and keep everyone safe. Knowing the common mistakes people make will help you from making the same ones and then you will get past the accident as soon as possible.


Putting Yourself in More Danger

An 18-wheeler accident normally happens on roads that are frequented. Keeping your car in the place of the accident could leave you susceptible to being hit again. If you are able to, and if your car is still capable of it, then you should move to the side of the road. Moving your car will prevent anymore collisions from happening and give everyone involved a safe place to talk. You should call the police as soon as possible. They will be able to come to the scene to close any lanes, direct traffic and delegate the next steps that need to be taken. You may want to talk to the other driver before calling the police, but in an 18-wheeler accident, things can be worse than they seem in the beginning, so calling the police will help move everything along safely and correctly.


Failing To Get Information

You may be checking to make sure everyone is not hurt, calling police, calling family members, but you need to also be gathering information. There should be an exchange of information like names, phone numbers, insurance cards, license numbers and anything else relevant to the cars. Police will also be getting this information, but having it will help when working out what to do next. Getting information from witnesses is beneficial so you can ask questions later. You want to get pictures of your car and the other car as well. Doing so will give you your own evidence of what happened to use for insurance. Your attorney will also be able to use photographic evidence if you decide to file a lawsuit.

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Talking Too Much

While you may be tempted to talk to the other driver about the crash, you should keep the conversation short and respectful. A brief conversation will prevent any omissions of guilt that you may say while talking through it all. Phrases like, “I’m sorry” and “I didn’t see you,” can be used against you later by saying you took the blame at the scene. Even saying something like that to a witness can come back to you later, so keeping quiet is in your best interest especially after an 18-wheeler accident. The accident may be your fault, but you shouldn’t say anything because you don’t know all the laws or what the other driver has against them that could have had a part in the crash. You should follow your call to the police with a call to your attorney to have help knowing when to speak and when not to.


Not Accepting Medical Care

Your adrenaline is pumping and you might not feel a lot of pain in the moment. Even if you don’t feel pain you should accept medical care. Getting medical attention at the scene, or right after, could detect something that could become worse later on. If you wait to seek medical attention, it could be argued in court that your injuries weren’t from the accident. Taking care of yourself should be your first priority, so allow yourself to be taken care of to be sure you don’t have any injuries. Any small pain can get worse, so it is always best to be evaluated by a medical professional after an 18-wheeler accident.


Truck drivers are held to a high standard on the road. Don’t skip any steps in what you should do after the accident. Having an experienced attorney that is trained to know what to do will help you after the crash. Let them take some of the stress away from you and get you the justice you deserve.

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