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A car accident can be as minor as a scratch or as major as a totaled car. If you feel like you are wronged in any way in a car accident then you should immediately contact a personal injury law attorney to review your case. They will be able to see if you have enough evidence for a lawsuit and to get you the justice you deserve. Though they will be doing a lot of work for you, there are a few things you can do to make your life and their life a lot easier.


Get Medical Care Early

Don’t go through your typical routine for days saying you are fine when you aren’t. Doing so will give the defendant evidence to say you were trying to make your injuries worse or that they aren’t serious. If you get medical care right away you will be able to get the best treatment as well as show that you are trusting and capable of following instructions. Getting medical care early will also prevent any injuries from escalating into something worse. It is encouraged that you seek medical care right away even for minor injuries.


Follow Medical Advice

Just because you go to the doctor, doesn’t mean you are cleared to do whatever you want. You need to follow their advice on what to do. Go to physical therapy. Keep your arm in the sling. Don’t go to work. Do whatever the doctors tell you so you don’t make your injuries worse. Again, the defendant could say you aren’t following the doctor’s instructions and therefore you aren’t trying to make yourself better. Even after you go to the emergency room, if you feel like you need more attention then go to another physician. Do yourself a favor and do all you can to recover and let your attorney help get justice for you.

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Be Honest

Always tell the truth in the event of a car accident. Don’t speculate what happened, just tell the facts. Even if you aren’t sure what happened, say that. You have the right to say it is a blur and you don’t truly know what happened. Also be sure to always tell the truth to your attorney. You need to tell them about any past injuries, accidents, criminal history or anything else that may come up in court. Doing so will allow them to prepare your case for success and prepare for what the defense may throw at them. 


Get Evidence

If your attorney is not able to be on the scene of the crime with you or if you don’t have an attorney yet, you need to get evidence for them. Gathering evidence mainly includes getting witnesses contact information and taking pictures. Your first step after an accident is to check on everyone involved and call the police, however you want to talk to witnesses quickly before they leave. Even if you don’t ask questions and just get their contact information, that is good so your attorney can help with questions later. For pictures, you want to get pictures of all four sides of your car and their car, not just the parts of the car that were affected by the wreck. Doing so will keep everyone accountable on what the crash actually damaged. Your case will be easier if you get this information right away to relay to your attorney.


A car wreck is scary and going to court for one is not something most people want to do, but your personal injury attorney is there to make your life a lot simpler. By following these simple instructions, you can help get the justice you deserve without working too hard. Get an experienced attorney so you can get well again. 

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