I got arrested for possession and with intent to sell in Alabama, but it was all for personal use. What can I do?

Being charged with a crime can be a scary and life changing process.  Especially when you are charged with a serious crime, such as intent to sell.  Many times law enforcement are looking for those telltale signs, such as small baggies, scales, access cash, guns, etc. that would alert them to a potential intent to sell.  If none of those type of items were found, then more than likely, law enforcement will add the intent to sell due to the amount or weight of the illegal substance you had in your possession when arrested.

According to Alabama Criminal Code Criminal Code § 13A-12-211, you must have at least 8 grams of a substance in order to be charged with intent to sell. Except for Fentanyl, which is more than half a gram and less than one gram.  Also, any mixture of morphine, opium, or any salt, including heroin, would be more than 2 grams, but less than 4.

In Alabama, a possession with intent to sell is a Class B Felony and could lead to 2-20 years in prison.

More than likely, if you have been charged with intent to sell in Alabama, there will be a lot of different variables regarding your charge.  Every case is not the same case.  We would strongly suggest that you contact an experienced local Criminal Defense attorney, such as Trip Walton, here at Walton Law Firm, P.C.

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