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I got arrested for drug paraphernalia in Alabama.  What can I do?

According to Alabama Code Title 13A. Criminal Code § 13A-12-260 there is a long list of the different types of Drug paraphernalia.  Most commonly, drug paraphernalia would be classified as pipes, grinders, roach clips, and scales.  Many of these items can be purchased legally.  However if used for illegal purposes, you can be charged with a drug paraphernalia offense.

Normally, these charges are classified as a Class A misdemeanor. However, depending on the circumstances, the charges could be upgraded to a Class B or Class C Felony charges.

More than likely, if you have been charged with drug paraphernalia in Alabama, there will be a lot of different variables regarding your charge.  Every case is not the same case.  We would strongly suggest that you contact an experienced local Criminal Defense attorney, such as Trip Walton, here at Walton Law Firm, P.C.

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