Diminished Value Car worth

Alabama is a diminished value claim state.

This means you have the right to seek compensation for lost value on your vehicle.

What does that mean?

For example, you bought a brand new 2021 vehicle and you were involved in a wreck in January of 2022.  However, the car was not totaled and the insurance company wants to repair the vehicle.  The Repairs were made.  However, now you are driving around in a brand new vehicle that has been involved in a major collision.

This could seriously affect your resale or trade in value.

If this is the case, you may have a diminished value claim.  Which means you may have right to compensation. That is, IF the accident was caused by another party and you did not sign a release for property damage claims.

Go to the Dealership.

We would suggest that you to go to the dealership and request a diminished value appraisal.  This allows the dealership to determine the value of your vehicle, had it not been involved in a wreck.

Furthermore, there are several online services that will also offer a diminished value appraisal.  Check out this link for 7 Great Tips on Diminished Value Appraisals. However, just because you receive a diminished value appraisal, does not guarantee that the insurance company will accept that amount.

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If you are unsure or nervous to talk to the insurance company about the value of your car or truck, we would always suggest contacting a qualified Law Firm that is used to dealing with insurance companies.

If you were injured in the wreck that caused the damage to your car, many Personal Injury firms will handle your property damage claim for free.

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