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Making It Through a DUI Charge

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Anyone who gets behind the wheel of a car after drinking is at risk of getting a driving while intoxicated, or DUI, charge. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to be proactive in your case. This will make moving past this experience and putting your life back together easier and quicker.


Get a Lawyer

While getting a lawyer is not necessary for your arraignment or case, you want someone to fight for you and get you the best outcome. An experienced attorney is your best option to achieve an optimum end result. Finding an experienced attorney that is well versed in these types of cases is ideal so that they will be prepared to best handle your case. There will be a lot of expenses to pay when dealing with a DUI and a lawyer may be the most expensive, but they will make a difference in the end.


Save Money

From fines placed by the court, to the actual court fees, to the classes and tests you may have to pay after the fact, DUI’s are expensive. Once you are charged with a DUI, it is a good idea to begin saving money at that moment. This will help once the time comes to begin paying off expenses. Saving up immediately will also show that you are taking the charge seriously and acting responsibly. Acting in denial will not help you in the long run with a DUI, but working to be proactive will.

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Listen and Learn

A DUI is a serious offense and should be treated as such. Knowing what you did was wrong is good, but you must also move past it. In some cases, you must complete an educational, therapy or treatment program. In these programs, the leader gives helpful information for moving past your charge. After going through a program, reflect on what you heard and truly absorb the information. Know that your situation could be worse had you not been stopped.


Talk It Through 

Being charged with a DUI can put a strain on your family and friends. These charges are hard on a person, but having a support system to lean on will help you immensely. Oftentimes, you will lose your license after a DUI, so having people you can count on will make the process easier. If you feel like you don’t have anyone that can be there for you, finding a group in your city or seeing a counselor are other options available to you.

You chose to get behind the wheel while drunk and now you get to choose what happens next. A DUI charge can set you back, but having friends, family and experienced lawyers that are there for you moving forward is what can push you to get better after that moment. It is time to get back to work and prepare yourself for the next steps.

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