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Many people believe they will never be in a car accident, but it can happen to anyone. While you hope to never experience a car wreck, being prepared for one can make a world of difference with saving you time and effort in the event that a wreck happens. Having an experienced personal injury attorney already chosen is wise, so that if something serious does happen, you already have someone to call that can represent you. For you to be prepared in the moment, here are some simple things to get together that will help you get all the correct information quickly and easily if an accident does occur.


Gather All Documents

Insurance cards, registration and documentation for your license plate should all be easy to find in your car. Keep these documents in your car at all times and in a safe place. Your seats or floorboards are not safe places. If they aren’t in a safe place, these important papers could get damaged or lost as people come in and out of your car. These documents should be kept in your glove compartment or console to ensure it stays safe and together when you might be pulling other things out. Your license should also be with you whenever you are driving. In addition, having a medical insurance card with you at all times will help if you ever find yourself going to the hospital directly after an accident. Having all these documents in one place will keep you, or anyone else, from searching for them if an accident occurs.


Have a List

In the moment of an accident, you will be confused and overwhelmed, so having a list on what to gather will keep you clear and focused. You can get a car accident form at most police stations or DMVs. A car accident form will tell you everything you need to gather at the scene of the accident. Many times, different states need different information, so getting one and keeping it with you will help you be ahead of the game if something were to happen. If you don’t want to get the form, the most basic information you must gather from the other driver is their name, address, phone number, insurance and policy number. Doing this will allow you to either contact them or the insurance company and police if they aren’t getting back to you. Keep your own list or the accident form and a pen where all your documents are located.


Charge Your Phone

Being involved in a car accident is stressful itself, but not being able to contact anyone can put you in a very dangerous situation. Keep your phone with you whenever you get into a car to drive and make sure it is well charged. Another good idea is having either a portable charger or a car charger for whenever you may be going on a long road trip. Accidents don’t always involve multiple people. You may be driving at night and hit a deer or run off the road, so having your phone is crucial to be able to call for help when others may not be around. You might need to call for help even because of a minor issue with your car. Don’t be stuck without a phone.

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Use Your Trunk

Things in your car can become projectiles if you get into a car accident. Keeping objects, especially heavy or sharp ones, in the main cab of your car is a disaster waiting to happen. Putting large objects in your trunk could be the difference in walking away from the accident and having to go to the hospital. Passengers who aren’t wearing their seatbelt can also become projectiles in the event of a car accident. A seat belt can save your life, but it only works if you wear it.


Have an Emergency Kit

You may not be an avid road tripper, but any person that drives a car should be prepared for something to go wrong and to be stranded for a while without help. Having water and non-perishable food items in your car will give you the energy you may need to change a tire or walk to a gas station if you are stuck on the side of the road. Some other things you may want in your emergency kit are a first aid kit, tools, a sleeping bag and maybe even some extra clothes. You could be stranded because of weather, car troubles or an accident. You want to be able to make it through anything. Keeping all these things in a box in your trunk will keep everything from being scattered, as well keep you safe from being hit by something in the event of an accident. 


No one wants to be in an accident, but it can’t always be avoided. Be ready for if that time ever does come. The items inside your car shouldn’t be the only things in order. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer in place will keep you from having to find one in the chaos after an accident. Prepare your car, and self, for an accident because you never know when it might strike.

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