If you or a loved one been arrested for a DUI in Lee County, contact our team of experienced attorneys and staff today.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Auburn, Opelika, or Lee County, Alabama choosing the right attorney to represent you is important.

There are many DUI lawyers in the state, but do your research on experience and qualifications.

Why you should hire a local DUI attorney for your Auburn,Opelika, or Lee County DUI case:

Auburn/Opelika attorneys know the local legal system well.

If you’ve been arrested in Auburn, Opelika, or Lee County you will be tried in the respective court.

Having an attorney that has personally worked in the Auburn, Opelika, and Lee County court systems for years is to your benefit.

Local DUI attorneys know the local prosecutorial teams. They also know the judge(s) who will be presiding over your DUI case.

If your DUI attorney has this type of working relationship with the local legal system, they will be less likely to make avoidable mistakes like offending the judge, being unfamiliar with the scene of your arrest, or being unfamiliar with local practices.

Trip Walton is a local DUI attorneys invested and involved in the local community.

See Trip’s full list of involvement here.

Keeping your safety in mind, we are available for phone, Facetime, Zoom, Skype, etc. but will accompany you to court for your appearance.  

A local DUI lawyer will get to know you, his or her client, because he or she is your neighbor.

You invite you to ask your friends, family, and neighbors in the area as you decide who should represent you in your DUI case.

Trip Walton and all attorneys at the Walton Law Firm, P.C. live and work in the Auburn and Opelika area. With decades of experience in representing defendants in DUI cases, the Walton Law Firm is highly competent to handle your case.

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